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Marriage preparation, which often engages the attention of engaged person at the exterior and emotional level, should be enriched by placing a proper accent on the spiritual and ecclesial character of marriage. In pastoral preparation for marriage we have to go deeply into the aspects underlining the essential properties of marriage at the natural and supernatural levels. It is extremely useful to have the joyous participation of the Christian community which welcomes the new family, which is to be a living member of the ecclesial family. Vgl. Bisschoppensynodes, De roeping en de missie van het gezin in de Kerk en de moderne wereld, Instrumentum Laboris voor de 14e Gewone Bisschoppensynode (2015) (23 juni 2015), 73.103 Thus it is very useful for Catholic families to be involved in the preparation of engaged couples. The newlyweds can come to know a community of true friends, and from these encounters there can be born human relationships of enrichment, support, and help in difficult situations or in problems within the couple. Belonging to such a group, the faith of the couple can mature, especially if these communities of family meet regularly, read Sacred Scripture, pray together, and cultivate their faith in the light of the teaching of the Church, especially through the Catechismus-Compendium
Catechismus van de Katholieke Kerk
(15 augustus 1997)
. Beside all this, and as its 'fruit', there is accomplished a mutual help in daily problems which are part of the life of every family. The formation of such groups of families seems to be a sign of the times. They often arise within new communities or ecclesial movements, but are also often rooted in the parish. It seems an urgent and fascinating task to form such communities, and promote them among all the dioceses.


1e plenaire vergadering - Nieuwe Synodehal
Soort: Bisschoppensynodes
Auteur: Peter Kardinaal Erdö
Datum: 5 oktober 2015
Copyrights: © 2015, Catholic News Agency
Voorlopig Engelse vertaling; alineaverdeling en -nummering: redactie
Bewerkt: 7 november 2019

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