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Confirming the dispositions of my Predecessors, Saint Pius X, Vgl. H. Paus Pius X, Apostolische Constitutie, Vacante Sede Apostolica (25 dec 1904), 76 Pius XII Vgl. Paus Pius XII, Apostolische Constitutie, Over de Sedes Vacante en de Pauskeuze (Samenvatting), Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis (8 dec 1945), 88 and Paul VI, Vgl. H. Paus Paulus VI, Apostolische Constitutie, Over de Pauskeuze, Romano Pontifici Eligendo (1 okt 1975), 74 I decree that — except for the afternoon of the entrance into the Conclave — both in the morning and in the afternoon, after a ballot which does not result in an election, the Cardinal electors shall proceed immediately to a second one, in which they are to express their vote anew. In this second ballot all the formalities of the previous one are to be observed, with the difference that the electors are not bound to take a new oath or to choose new Scrutineers, Infirmarii and Revisers. Everything done in this regard for the first ballot will be valid for the second one, without the need for any repetition.

Everything that has been laid down above concerning the voting procedures must be diligently observed by the Cardinal electors in all the ballots, which are to take place each day, in the morning and in the afternoon, after the celebration of the sacred rites or prayers laid down in the Congregatie voor de Eredienst en de Sacramenten
Ordo Rituum Conclavis (5 februari 1998)

In the event that the Cardinal electors find it difficult to agree on the person to be elected, after balloting has been carried out for three days in the form described above (in Nos. 62ff) without result, voting is to be suspended for a maximum of one day in order to allow a pause for prayer, informal discussion among the voters, and a brief spiritual exhortation given by the senior Cardinal in the Order of Deacons. Voting is then resumed in the usual manner, and after seven ballots, if the election has not taken place, there is another pause for prayer, discussion and an exhortation given by the senior Cardinal in the Order of Priests. Another series of seven ballots is then held and, if there has still been no election, this is followed by a further pause for prayer, discussion and an exhortation given by the senior Cardinal in the Order of Bishops. Voting is then resumed in the usual manner and, unless the election occurs, it is to continue for seven ballots.


Over de Sede Vacante van de Heilige Stoel en keuze van de Paus van Rome
Soort: H. Paus Johannes Paulus II - Apostolische Constitutie
Auteur: H. Paus Johannes Paulus II
Datum: 22 februari 1996
Copyrights: © 1996, Libreria Editrice Vaticana / Stg. InterKerk
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Bewerkt: 22 mei 2021


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