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In contrast to such profound veneration for the true Bread come down from heaven, not only can deplorable disciplinary abuses occur, sometimes have occurred and still occur, but even acts of contempt and profanation on the part of individuals who, under almost diabolical inspiration, dare to oppose in this way whatever the Church and the faithful hold, adore and love as most sacred.

In order to deter those who let themselves be misled by such sentiments, the Church not only urges the faithful to avoid any form of disgraceful carelessness and negligence, but also considers the most unfortunate case of deliberate acts of hatred or contempt for the Blessed Sacrament. These actions certainly constitute — by reason of their matter — a very grave sin of sacrilege. The Catechismus-Compendium
Catechismus van de Katholieke Kerk
(15 augustus 1997)
says in fact that sacrilege “ is a grave sin especially when committed against the Eucharist, for in this sacrament the true Body of Christ is made substantially present for us “ Catechismus-Compendium, Catechismus van de Katholieke Kerk (15 aug 1997), 2120.


Interpretationes authenticae, Can. 1367
Soort: Pauselijke Raad voor Wetsteksten
Auteur: Msgr. Iulianus Herranz
Datum: 3 juli 1999
Copyrights: © AAS, XCI, 1999, p. 918
Bewerkt: 7 november 2019


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