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Proposition 55 - Mary "Mater Dei" and "Mater Fidei"

The synod, whose intention is above all to renew the faith of the Church in the Word of God, looks at Mary, the Virgin Mother of the Word Incarnate, who with her yes to the Word of the Covenant and to its mission, perfectly fulfills humanity's divine vocation. The Synodal Fathers suggests the dissemination of the Angelus prayer among the faithful, daily memorial of the Word Incarnate and of the Rosary.

The Church of the New Testament lives where the Word Incarnate is received, loved and served in full availability to the Holy Spirit. Mary's faith then develops in the love with which it accompanies the Incarnate Word's growth and mission. Under the Son's cross, faith and love become the hope with which Mary accepts to become the Mother of the beloved disciple and of redeemed humanity.

Devout and loving attention to Mary's figure, as model and archetype of the Church's faith, is of capital importance to realize also today a concrete change of paradigm in the relation of the Church with the Word, both in the posture of prayerful listening as well as generosity in the commitment to the mission and the proclamation. The synodal fathers, united to the Holy Father in prayer so that the synod "will carry fruits of genuine renewal to each Christian community" (Benedict XVI, Angelus in Pompeii, Oct. 19, 2008), invite pastors and faithful to look at Mary and ask the Holy Spirit for the grace of a lively faith in the Word of God made flesh.


Van de 12e Gewone Bisschoppensynode over het Woord van God in het leven en de zending van de Kerk (Engelstalige versie)
Soort: Bisschoppensynodes
Auteur: Synodevaders
Datum: 25 oktober 2008
Copyrights: © 2008, Libreria Editrice Vaticana
Bron: Zenit.org (vertaling vanuit de onofficiƫle Italiaanse versie)
Bewerkt: 7 november 2019


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