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Proposition 44 - Means of social communications

The synod underlines the importance of the means and languages of communication for evangelization.

The proclamation of the Good News finds new amplitude in present-day communication, characterized by the interaction of the means.

The Church is called not only to disseminate the Word of God through the means but also and above all to integrate the message of salvation in the new culture that communication creates and amplifies.

The new communicative context allows us to multiply the ways of proclamation and in-depth study of sacred Scripture. The latter, with its wealth, calls for reaching all communities, including the most remote through these new instruments.

It recommends thorough knowledge of the means of communication, a sympathetic attitude to its rapid changes, and more investment in communication through the different instruments that are offered, such as television, radio, newspapers, Internet. They are, in any case, ways that can facilitate the exercise of obedient listening to the Word of God. It is necessary to prepare competent Catholics of conviction in the field of social communication.


Van de 12e Gewone Bisschoppensynode over het Woord van God in het leven en de zending van de Kerk (Engelstalige versie)
Soort: Bisschoppensynodes
Auteur: Synodevaders
Datum: 25 oktober 2008
Copyrights: © 2008, Libreria Editrice Vaticana
Bron: Zenit.org (vertaling vanuit de onofficiƫle Italiaanse versie)
Bewerkt: 7 november 2019


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